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My name is Thomas Parisot, I design web software which make sense.
You can hire me for freelance work.

I am committed at creating a generous work environment, with your team.
I work from home, in a rural environment and I’m happy to travel on site when it is relevant.


I have discovered four foundational values. Violating them makes me feel I’m doing the wrong thing.

  • Nature is a call for observation, peace, life and what prevails above all;
  • Love drives a generosity and tenderness towards animals and persons I encounter;
  • Autonomy is what I look for for myself — understanding and being able to accomplish — I also want it for the persons I work with to deflect a dependency on me;
  • Commons are the result of a shared work, governance and right of use of a software, its data and its documented history.

Thus, I will do my best to favour non-profit, ethical or greater good projects and organisations.

I have more than 15 years of professional experience, self-taught with the help of the many people I met on my way.

§Generous Work

I do volunteering work and give away time to organisations I would like to contribute. I use this as a way to learn and explore but also as a way to defuse return on investment expectations.

Here are some organisations I have spent time with

§Can we get in touch?

You can drop me a line at anytime, although I can be slow to reply when things get agitated on my side of things.

I’m happy to meet you in person if we happen to be at the same place at the same time. It does not have to be good match. Life is life.

If you’re unsure or think you are not legitimate, feel free to send me a short email 🙂