Every Day

What 2014 looked like, every day, in picture(s).

Every day is a photography series I started in 2013 in order to fight my fear of having habits. It has been designed as a daily ritual: one picture from a fixed location, every day I woke up at home paired with a written memory.


  • 228 days at home
  • 137 days somewhere else
  • lived in 1 city
  • lived in 1 place

§How I made it

2013’s timelapse is a GIF. But GIF is cumbersome:

  • it is heavy unless you remove a lot of colours;
  • it has no playback control — playback which is chaotic until the animation is fully loaded;
  • it is even more terrible on mobile with an hectic connection.

So this year I also experimented with an H.264 HTML5 video encoding based on still images. The resulting video is smaller in size with a better image quality.
It combines the open source command line tools GraphicsMagick and avconv.

gm mogrify -size 500x500 *.jpg -resize 500x500
cat *.jpg | avconv -f image2pipe -r 6 -vcodec mjpeg -i - -vcodec libx264 -compression_level 9 -b:v 4000k -preset fast -tune animation ../$(basename `pwd`).mp4

Notice: I ran into an issue, resulting in a lengthful video composed of a still frame. @paraboul pointed me in the right direction: avconv was unable to retrieve the pictures dimensions.
Instagram high resolution images are stripped of these, and the aforementioned gm mogrify command indirectly addresses this issue during the resize process.


2015 is about farming and fulfillment.

Every day in 20142013.