Every Day

What 2013 looked like, every day, in picture(s).

Every day is a photography series I started in 2013 in order to fight my fear of having habits. It has been designed as a daily ritual: one picture from a fixed location, every day I woke up at home paired with a written memory.


  • 283 days at home
  • 82 days somewhere else
  • 4 differents everyday places
  • lived in 2 different cities
  • lived in 5 different places

§The Technique

The timelapse is built using GraphicsMagick and an obsessional daily ritual:

cd ~/everyday/2013
gm convert +dither -delay 15 -loop 1 *.jpg -colors 128 -resize 500x500 ../$(basename `pwd`).gif


2014 is about a plan: PastPresentFuture.