Every Day

What 2015 looked like, every day, in picture(s).

Every day is a photography series I started in 2013 in order to fight my fear of having habits. It has been designed as a daily ritual: one picture from a fixed location, every day I woke up at home paired with a written memory.


  • 224 days at home
  • 141 days somewhere else:
    • one month in Ukraine
    • some days in Guernesey and Sark
    • some days in England (Brighton, Blenheim, Lewes, Southend-on-Sea, Manchester)
    • some weeks in France (Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Toulouse, Saint-Malo, Honfleur, Bayeux, Bec-Hellouin, Rennes, Nantes, Le Mans, Saint-Étienne)
  • lived in 1 city
  • lived in 2 places:
    • King’s Cross
    • Tottenham

The figures denote I woke up at home 4 days less compared to 2014.
It also surfaces I have been to fewer places in England and in Europe although I travelled to a more diverse set of locations in France. First time in Normandy. First time in Brittany.

Note: Instagram silently removed the grid lines camera feature on Android at some point. It took me a couple of days/weeks to refine the process and eventually end up using the normal Android camera first, then Instagram to edit and publish.


The video cover design is rendered in an HTML5 compatible web browser, with the help of paper.js. The code is available on GitHub.

Note to self: I would have loved to be able to extract each slice of pixels from a combination of geometric shapes and streamed images in multiple Web Workers. The result would have been assembled in a single canvas.

The video is assembled exactly as in 2014.


2016 is about going beyond and pace.

Every day in 201520142013.